Rosary school – Stroud

Thank you to all the pupils and staff at the Rosary school in Stroud. They made both Zalibeth and I feel welcome as we delivered a lecture about the use of imagination. They helped and contributed to the ‘Mysterious Door’, story and supplied some amazing ideas.



Eversong is currently being printed and we should receive the delivery of the first copies in early December.

Shadojak has another great 5 star review – ‘Was really looking forward to the second instalment and this definitely lived up to expectations! This book seamlessly follows on the great story but with lots more action and some great twists and turns including some very clever writing by the author! Now can’t wait for the final part and to see where the story will end up!

Thank you Callisto9992

I’ve finished chapter 16 of Ethea and will hopefully have the first draft finished for early next year.

Thanks guys



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