Another 5 star review

Hiya guys


I’ve had a great review from a reader in Cape Town.

The cover drew me in first! There’s something mesmerising about the cover, and then the title got my attention. Eversong. What is the ‘eversong’ I asked myself … and started reading. I really don’t want to spoil this for you by launching into a synopsis of the tale, but allow me to say this: the Eversong is all-important to saving not only one, but two, civilisations! And the song resides in Elora! All is not what it seems, though, and it is for very good reason that Elora is warned from a young age to never sing.

Enter the Shadojak and his Shaigun, assassins with a noble mission. One falls for Elora and the consequences will reach across realms. Add in a few strange creatures both adorable and particularly nasty and I know you want to read this now!

Despite a typo here and there, I am giving Eversong 5 stars. Great cover, great title, huge imagination, a fantastic tale!‘

Thank you


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