Book 2 in the Dylap trilogy

After a prolonged period of not writing, I’m glad to say I’m getting stuck into writing the follow up to Dylap. I’ve just finished the first chapter and a plot twist is already creeping up.

I’m aiming to publish the book by Christmas with the final book being released next summer. Its a big ask, but I’ve plenty of pent up writing energy to exert.


3 thoughts on “Book 2 in the Dylap trilogy

    • I’m sorry to hear that. If its any consolation, it took me almost twenty years to finish my 1st book. I started writing many times but usually reached 10 or so chapters before either deciding it wasn’t good enough or running out of steam. In the end I got motivation from my wife, who had read a few chapters of my latest attempt and encouraged me to write the rest. It worked and now I’m writing my 6th book.

      I hope that helped. Good luck, and stick to it.


      • Thanks for the encouragement AC. I think part of my problem is that my 3rd book is currently enduring an edit from my editor and this virus has slowed the process. So, as I wait, I can’t seem to pick up the steam for a new writing project. Instead, I’m blogging and instagramming! 🙂

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