Radio Winchcombe

Hello friends

Sorry for the gap between posts, I’ve had my head down and getting stuck in with editing Shadojak. The good news is that I’ve completed the first edit and  I’m now working my way through the typos. We’re on target for publishing in about 3 weeks. Hopefully the first of June.


This Thursday I’ll be appearing on Radio Winchcombe as a guest on the breakfast show – between 8 and 9am. I’m really excited, yet unlike my last radio interview this one will be live – so no swearing, lol.

Thanks guys



5 thoughts on “Radio Winchcombe

    • Editing – what works for me is to write a complete 1st draft from start to finish without editing. I then read it through while taking notes. The second draft is for any harsh changes and the cutting away of anything not needed. Then the 3rd draft is for grammer, spelling and typos. I hope that answered your question, if you have anymore please ask.
      All the best

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  1. My process is similar. I’m looking into editing software that could make the third draft process more thorough. After looking at the same chapters over and over again, I don’t see things I should, like overuse of words or phrases and passive voice.

    Your blog looks good!

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