Shadojak 5 star review



So, all gloves are off now! I’ll try to be careful not to put in spoilers, so it will be difficult to review as there’s so much in here. No need to set up characters or story-line, we know exactly what’s what. Having said that, Elora is so much more mature here, the events in Eversong have changed her and she’s really in control. As before, the story flies between worlds so much that they almost merge in the reader’s mind. We meet so many new characters both good and bad (and in some cases both) and develop the existing ones in completely new ways. As before, and possibly more this time, A C Salter picks us up, throws us around, bashes us about and then sets us down.
If you’re looking for a story that’s going to hook you, suck you in, and keep on reading, then it’s all here. I’m ready for the next one, shame on you for making us wait!

Thank you Steve Thatcher


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