Thank you Steve

Thank you Steve for your kind words and I’m thrilled you enjoyed Eversong.

Oh my God Ady!


Just finished it.


When is the next one coming out?


And, how can you follow that?


My favourite book is Lord of The Rings.  I read it as a child and will never find anything that even comes close.  I’ve avoided so much fantasy fiction (except Doctor Who) and won’t even watch Game of Thrones  as they are all just pale imitations.  This though, kept me reading and took me on the journey completely.  It has the alternate reality of David Mitchell, the childlike horror of Neil Gaiman and the sheer fantasy of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant all wrapped up.  I’d like to see some of the characters padded out in the next few books to give the depth that Elena has, but it’s a fantastic, gripping read.  Kept me glued to my kindle for a few weeks.  Now it has become a world I can’t just abandon, so we need the next part.  From Gloucester Docks to a parallel universe, it takes you all of the way.

Tonight I will hopefully finish chapter 23 – it was a dramatic and exciting piece to write. Only two more chapters to go and I will have finished the first draft of Shadojak.

Thanks guys


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