Hello friends.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my first blog and my first post.

So far the journey to being an author has been hard. Starting with just a pen and paper some few years ago, then progressing onto writing on a smart phone ( Blackberry, AAGH! ) and saving what I’d written into notes. These notes I emailed to my first tablet, a kindle and then began to write in earnest. A year and a half later and my wife bought me a laptop and within weeks Eversong was published on kindle.

Along the way I’ve picked up a few friends – Paul Manning, who designed the front covers, Gennella who has read the book from it’s earliest stages and Elizabeth Watkins ( Typo sniper ) who is currently undertaking the editing.

My loving wife Jane and four children also make up part of team Salter and have been with me from the start.

I’ve started the blog for a way in which to keep the readers updated on any news, releases and progress of my books. It is also a way for you to make comments. Please don’t hesitate to add your own thoughts – all ideas welcome and don’t be afraid to criticise, I’ve got wide shoulders.

Thank you and please keep checking in.


3 thoughts on “Eversong

  1. Hi Adrian. I’ve just followed the link from your FB page – which I followed from Twitter! Your road to writing your first book was certainly a fun one! You’ve got a really successful Twitter site, so I’m sure your blog will be just as popular before long. Blogging is great, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of writing your posts. Best wishes, Millie

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      • I’m doing exactly the same with Twitter! I’m hopeful things will make more sense before long. You’ll love WP very quickly. It’s a place f or great interactions with fellow bloggers. 😀


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